Sound Purpose on the Road: THE Weeknd at the O2

Last night Sound Purpose had the incredible experience of going to see The Weeknd, who was headlining at London’s O2 Arena – what a concert! It was topped by a big SURPRISE when he brought out fellow Canadian and frequent collaborator, Drake, who performed a medley of “Fake Love”, “Energy”, and “Jumpan”. There was nothing but BIG ENERGY out there on the stage.

After the show, we went backstage and u bed shoulders with The Weeknd and Drake. Unfortunately, it was not the time to bring out a camera. Chatting to the team was awesome – it felt like they had a really old school roc-a-fella feel.

When walking backstage just after the show, the crew had taken down half the set. I was fascinated by the fact that they take the whole set up around the world with, and have a crew of about 80 following it! The sound was HEAVY and the bass was BIG!

Take a look at some of the show here:


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