Our clients come from many sectors of the business and leisure industries.
Their visions may differ but the services offered by Sound Purpose are always of the same expert and enthusiastic standard.

The main business focus for Sound Purpose has traditionally been in the luxury yacht market.
We are uniquely positioned to offer the finest expert advice and service because of our experience and extensive contacts within this rarified environment.

It will continue to be a significant part of our focus but we are also committed to offering top quality music solutions to other business areas.


Luxury Yacht Market

We work closely with owners and captains to make the on-board experience as perfect as possible.

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International Hotels

Background music playlists that are not invasive but match the environment and activity.

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Spa's, Bars, Restaurants & Clubs

These are physical, emotional and sociable environments where the ambience can be enhanced with carefully selected music collections.

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We are experienced in creating tailored playlists and live DJ participation for large-scale or high-profile events

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