Romance compilation

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At Sound Purpose, we create music compilations for every moment of the day on board. Usually, we tailor-make every playlist to fit our client’s music tastes and preferences. However, we have recently created a generic library of some tracks we’ve deemed our “best of” – selected tracks of our offerings that we just can’t get enough of. There are 15 of these compilations that range in tempos and moods, including low-key playlists like Cabin Chill and Sunset Becalmed spanning to up-tempo playlists like Waterside Workout and Pumpin Party. These collections are all updated seasonally. 

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we have selected three songs from our Romance compilation. First up is Melody Gardot’s Your Heart Is As Black As Night. Gardot approaches the art of the love song in a vintage yet cool way with this track. 
Next is one of our favorite French DJs, The Avener. The Chopstick and Johnjon remix of his track Fade Out Lines creates a chilled out vibe, drawing focus to the percussions and strings. 
Finally, Claudja Barry’s disco classic Love For the Sake of Love; a soulful ballad with a European flavor that is nothing but haunting. 
We hope you enjoy our Valentine’s Day favorites and feel the love!

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