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One Destination. One Song. One Yacht. Senses. Jack Garratt – Breathe Life

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In collaboration with Y.PLAY for Y.CO, we suggest a fitting song for a boat and its destination every month and present:

One Yacht. One Destination. One Song.

Senses. Jack Garratt – Breathe Life

For thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies, there is no better charter for the holiday season than Senses. While traveling to New Zealand, adventurers of all ages can partake in kite surfing, jet skiing, surfing; all the fast tenders that one could want. To supplement this fun journey, a song like Jack Garratt’s ‘Breathe Life’ is a perfect soundtrack. The track starts one way, goes to a different genre completely, and wraps up in an unexpected way. Garratt’s easy-going vocals will keep you rooted while you experience new ways to enjoy the waters of southern hemisphere.