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Top 5 songs for a Winter Charter by Sound Purpose

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Here at Sound Purpose we thought we would be super organised and get you prepared for your Winter Charter with our Top favourites at the moment…

1. filous – How Hard I Try (feat. James Hersey)

This 17 year old Australian DJ has had his hand in remixing old songs, and has recently released his first original single “How Hard I Try”. Recruiting James Hersey for vocals has allowed filous to concentrate on playing ever instrument you’ll hear in the song. The track itself is uplifting, yet calming at the same time creating a soothing listening experience.

2. Jarryd James – Do You Remember

“Do You Remember” combines R&B with electronica in a way that sounds familiar but will still haunt you with a feeling that you’ve heard it before. The verses throughout this break up anthem lead to a perfect well-rounded chorus that will stay with you long after you hear it.

3. Martin Solveig « +1 » (feat. Sam White)

Martin Solveig is no newcomer to the party scene, and continues his hits with “+1”. This funky groove incorporates pop vocals that will build you up as the melody grows. The importance of having friends to have a good time with is a powerful message in this track.

4. John Newman – Come And Get It

Newman himself teased that his latest release would have “better grooves, better basslines and better hooks” and he did not disappoint. Drawing from an American influence, the chorus is big and unforgettable and the song overall is undeniably catchy.

5. Nina Simone – The Ballad Of Hollis Brown (Super Flu ReDings)

Nina Simone’s cover of the Bob Dylan track is haunting in its own way. The piano tells a tale of the song’s main protagonist spiraling into despair and the vocals depicts the soft madness that the lyrical story tells.