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Sound Purpose Earns Supportive Review From

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Sound Purpose Earns Supportive Review From

After playing the prestigious Superyachts Top 100 party last month, Sound Purpose has been making a name for itself.

In a review on its website, Superyachts explains the basis of the company and how Natalie derives her musical choices for each client.

With this attention, the business is soon to expand and will help spread the love of music to many lucky clients!

Read the whole review here.

Superyacht Top 100 Launch Party 2014

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Superyacht Top 100 Launch Party

Yacht industry executives all gathered together at the Danzinger suite in the May Fair Hotel in London to kick off the new year with a forecast of the Top 100 Largest Yachts.

Sponsored by and Y.CO, the second annual Top 100 was a hit. Party attendees included VIP guests from both the large yacht construction industry as well as multiple members from the press.

The lavish event was accompanied by music from Sound Purpose’s extensive collection, showcasing the different range of genres that the company can provide for its clientele.

With a rapid growing client list, this is just the start of what looks to be a promising year for Sound Purpose.